Q: Why do I need to hire professional photographers?

A: You may say, I have a family member or a friend who knows how to take pictures, or even great pictures, and he/she owns a high end camera. The main reason for hiring professional photographers is not only about the gears they have. 1. You are hiring for the experience they've built throughout their career. They know what's going on in each wedding, in different culture, in different venue, and in different situations. They know how to handle your wedding when it's raining, when there is no sun, when it's in a dark church, or different ceremony from different culture. 2. They know their gears well. They use the gears for living. 3. They have liability insurance. Let's say when your family member/friend helps you take pictures on your wedding day, if he/she bumps into a $1000 vase, or he/she breaks a glass table, either you or he/she will need to pay for it. For professional photographers, they will just let the insurance company deal with it and you don't have to worry about anything than look pretty.

Q: What should I expect?

A: Wedding pictures normally include both bride and groom getting ready, individual portraits of the bridal party, group pictures of the bridal party and family members, ceremony site, ceremony, portraits of the bride and groom, and reception. If one photographer is hired, you can expect about 700-900 images returned. If two photographers are hired, expect about 900-1200 images. All images are in high resolution and are retouched for color adjustment and minor touch ups.

Q: What is a mood board?

A: Mood board is an arrangement of pictures that is specific for your engagement or wedding day. It contains pictures you saved across the internet that you like. Either the style that you are looking for, poses that you would like to recreate. It is very useful for photographers to get a visual idea of what you are looking for in your engagement or wedding day pictures.

Q: How to create a mood board?

A: To create a mood board, head over to, create an account if you don't already have one, and create a new board. After that, start looking around for ideas, style and poses that fit your need and repin those into your newly created board. Then, put some comments into the picture of what you like about the picture. Around 20 pictures will be sufficient for me to get the idea of what you like. When you are done, invite me to your board with my email address


Q: What is your photography style?

A: Charles Wong Photography provides photojournalic style, which means we emphases on capturing in the moments and less 'posey.' Of cause, we will also cover some traditional posing pictures for the parents and family members.

Q: My venue is very dark. Will it be problematic?

A: We have experience on low light situations so don't worry. If the venue allows, we will setup lighting for better picture. Some churches do not allow flash photography. Therefore, we use cameras that has excellent low-light performance so worry not.


Q: What locations do you recommend?

A: Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, UCLA, USC, LACMA, Downtown LA, Disney Hall, Grand Park, Pasadena City Hall, Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory and beaches are all some nom locations for engagement.

Q: Do I need a permit for engagement shots?

A: The short answer is YES. You are required to obtain photo permit prior for your engagement shot. For some locations, photo permit is not required but most of the public/private locations required to obtain a photo permit before the shoot. They usually cost around $50-100 and required at least a week to process. For more information about photo permit, please contact us.

Q: Is it OK to shoot without a photo permit?

A: YES! If you do not want to get a photo permit or do not have time to get one, we will shoot without one. But we do not hold liability on being interrupted by park ranger or even being fined by law enforcement. As long as you agree to take care of that, we are cool without one.


Q: Is one photographer enough for my wedding?

A: Well it all depends. If you are going to have a 20 guests wedding, one photographer is definitely enough. But if you are having 100+ guests wedding, two photographers are a must. And plus, two photographers are able to cover additional point of view.

Q. Have you shoot my venue before?

A. There are thousands of venues out there in this area. Although we may not have shoot your venue before, we will make sure to get familiar with the location by arriving early and/or do research on Google Map. 

Q. I have downtime in between events on my wedding day. Do my hours count?

A. Yes. Once you have chosen a start time, it will start counting depends on how many hours of service you get even if there is downtime. Although you may be resting, we never do. We'll be working on backing up images, taking some detail shots of the second venue or traveling to second location. In fact, if you have any downtime, we'll take you out for a photo session or more family portraits.

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