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It all started with a Nikon film camera when I was little. Back in the days, I shoot mostly astronomy, aka astrophotography. When the digital camera was first introduced, I couldn't afford to get myself one. So I stopped shooting until I got myself a compact camera. Without a good knowledge of basic camera theory, like most of the others, I just used the auto mode or program mode. When I graduated from college, I was finally capable of purchasing my very first own DSLR. The passion in me just exploded out all at once. I learned any aspects of photography from all kind of sources - books, videos, blogs, forums etc. 

It's definitely fun to shoot as a wedding photography because I get to capture once in a lifetime moments for each individual. Every time I look at the pictures that I took, it's not because the light was great or the pose was awesome. It's the emotion/facial expression that the couple has in the picture that moves my heart. It is my honor to be part of each couple in each wedding.

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